Redis is a popular key/value provider that you can use to decreases the time it uses your website to store values and retreive them from cache.  This section will introduce Redis, go over some basic configuration and also give you the heads up about what issues you might potentially face using it.

What is Redis and Should I Be Using It?

When we start to think about caching, one of the first things that you will need to think about is where will the cached data live?  First, if you're using a traditional infrastructure platform, you'll have your own web servers and you could consider[...]

Things To Consider When Using And Monitoring A Redis Server

Redis is like SQL if your connection goes, your whole site will likely go tits up.  I've used Redis on numerous projects now and I've definitely experienced a few hidden gotchas along the way.  If you want to be a champ at your work and avoid the sam[...]

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