Ensuring Code Quality

5 Essential Tools To Improve Your Teams Code Quality

In today's post, I'm going to cover 5 really useful tools that I've been using for a number of years now that if used correctly, will really help you to improve your coding skills and ensure that your team work in a consistent manner. As a free-lance[...]

JonDJones C Sharp Style Guide

When you have multiple developers working on a project, having a style guide is important to ensure that your source code is written in a consistent manner.  As the old adage goes, developers spend more time reading code than they do writing it.  IMH[...]

A Code Review Checklist

On a recent project, a client had a very in-depth peer review system using a web based code review system called Gerrit.  Gerrit works with GIT and prevents unauthorized developers to push changes into master Git repository. Instead, Gerrit provides [...]

My Recommended Approach For People Who Want To Start Using Dependency Injection With C Sharp

In today's guide, I'm going to cover the way that I use dependency injection in .NET.  When I started out as a developer, terms like SOLID and designing to interfaces meant very little to me.  At the time I was writing web form projects and I didn't [...]


Resharper is an awesome tool to help improve your teams code quality and I highly receomend that you look into it.  This section, gives an introduction to Resharper and hwo to use it.

Refactoring Tools Reviewed, ReSharper Is it worth the money?

If you haven't used Resharper before, then this guide is for you.  In this guide, I'm going to give a brief overview of Resharper, what benefits it can give you and an explanation as to whether it's worth the money or not. What is ReSharper? ReSharpe[...]

Configuring Resharper 9

If you work in a lot of environments you will be used to a wide array of different coding styles, curly braces, no curly braces, comments, no-comments.. the list can go on and on and be very heatedly debated by engineers.  If you're like me, I config[...]


What Is Stylecop?

When you work in a team it's a challenge to make sure that your codebase looks like it's been written by a single person.  Imagine reading a book where each chapter was written in a completely different style and approach.  It'd be pretty crap.  One [...]

How To Enable Stylecop Validation Of Visual Studio Build With A Custom Ruleset

If you are working in a big team, Stylecop is a great tool to ensure your team writes code in a consistent way (to learn more about Stylecop read this).   I recommend that anyone reading this post who isn't using Stylecop now should install it ASAP. [...]

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