Troubleshooing Tips

Debugging Windows Redis Server Issues

Recently, a client decided to use Redis as their cache provider. As part of the build process, the idea was to use Chocolatey to install it. After installing Redis, after about 4-5 minutes the server would stop taking connections with this error: 20[...]

Visual Studio Publish, The "PublishTelemetry" Task Could Not Be Loaded

This is a quick post about an issue I recently had in Visual Studio. I couldn't find any mention of this after Googling so just in case someone has the same issue, here goes: When I tried to do a publish in Visual Studio (after downgrading enterprise[...]

Top Visual Studio Debugging Tips That Can Save You Hours!

We've all been there, annoyed, hours deep into an issue with no sign of solving it. In today's guide, I'm going to cover some of the most useful debugging tips I've stumbled across. How To Render/Copy All Of An Object Values This one is really simple[...]

Six Steps to Create a Custom Database Logger using Log4Net and NuGet

I had a requirement to create a global logger for a company.  The company has 10-20 services and they wanted a central store to log errors.  In order to do this, I wanted a simple and easy way to implement a logger through the system;  I've used Log4[...]

MVC : How To Set-up Your Error Pages Within 5 Minutes

Hey, this is a quick get started post. This will not cover the in's and out's of why things need to be the way they are: Creating the following files in your webroot 404.html 404.aspx 500.html 500.aspx Why 4 pages ?  The asp pages will be used for [...]

Trying To Build In Visual Studio 2017 'bin\roslyn' Files Lock

This has been pissing me off a lot recently.  It seems to happen after I've rebased and then tried to recompile my solution at random time.  Visual Studio complains that it can't compile the solution because the 'roslyn' folder within the 'bin' folde[...]

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