Episerver Find

This section covers information and advice about EpiFind.  Epifind is Episervers hosted search provider and provides a more feature-rich experience than the out-of-the-box provider.

How To Set-Up A New EPiServer Find index in Less Than 5 Minutes

EpiFind can be a great option if you have aspirations of creating an all singing and dancing search provider in your project. For investigation, demonstration and development purposes anyone can create a free EpiFind index very quickly. In today's po[...]

How To Setup EpiFind For the First Time

In my previous tutorial, Review Of The Different Search Providers Available To Use On Your Episerver Project.  I talked about the different search providers available to use with an Episerver project.  If you decided to go with EpiFind, then this tut[...]

How To Force EpiFind To Index Your Content

In today's post, I'm going to quickly cover how to manually trigger Epifind to index your website's content. If you are new to EpiFind I suggest you read, How To Setup EpiFind For the First Time. After installing EpiFind for the first time, none of y[...]

How To Search For Content Using EpiFind

EpiFind is a power search provider developed by EpiServer; if you've stumbled across this post and you're considering using EpiFInd I suggest you read this article, Review Of The Different Search Providers Available To Use On Your Episerver Project. [...]

There is no configuration specified for EPiServer.Find.IClient - Episerver Find

This is a quick troubleshooting post in case anyone bumps into Structuremap issues with Find. On a recent project, when we tried to load the Find UI the website crashed with this exception: An error has occurred.","ExceptionMessage":"An error occurre[...]

Episerver Find - Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

Very quick post today.  If you ever encounter this issue when you try and view it, like so: When you look at your console, you see the Javascript error 'Config is not loaded yet. Access model cannot be used.' It's very likely that your Episerver lice[...]

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