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How To Get The Episerver Pages Current Language

This article will hopefully be short and sweet.  If you're building a multi-language Episerver website, there will be times when you need to do things like creating URLs to pages within, or, linking to assets like images.  When you enable a different[...]

An Introduction To Episerver Commerce

In this episode, I'll give you a brief introduction to Episerver commerce. Online shopping and digital commerce continue to rise. If you work with Episerver then its only a matter of time before you'll end up with a commerce project on your lap. E-c[...]

How To Easily Add Cache Busting On Your Episerver Website

Having a performant website will be the top of most clients' lists of things to do and one technique that you can employ to speed your website up is cache busting on the Episerver assets on your website.  Getting the balance of what to cache and how [...]

Step by Step Guide To Deploying To DXC With Octopus

In today's tutorial, I'm going to walk you through how you set-up deploying to DXC via Octopus.  Episerver also has a pretty good guide, available here, but I still struggled a little bit when setting it up.   Setting Up You DXC Account The first thi[...]

How To Use EpiDeploy With Your DXC Integration Enviroment

For those of you who are using DXC you will probably quickly figure out that you have limited options when it comes to deploying to the integration environment database yourself.  When you get access to the integration environment SQL you won't have [...]
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